Dystopian Lights

Dystopian Lights is an Android arena space shooter. Fight through the infinite waves and attain your high score! The upgrades for each weapon allow you to cut your enemies down, with your own preference. Use the laser to erase your opponents from the battlefield, or use your homing missiles if you can’t seem to aim well. Dystopian Lights is in development and will have a release on the Google Play market by January 1st. Hop in on the action early and try a beta build. The most recent version will always be available here and it is the only place where you can find the free ad supported version of the game. Feel free to install on as many devices you want to, but please do not redistribute it publicly!

Dystopian Lights v0.8.1 :

Dev Blog #2

I am excited to say that I have gotten a bit of work done on Dystopian Lights recently and also excited to see that people are downloading it and trying it out on their android devices. I haven’t received any feedback yet, and please don’t hesitate to give any critique or suggestions. I am really … Continue reading “Dev Blog #2”

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Dev Blog #1

So to start the day I am going to share with you guys how I use touch controls and touch “joysticks” in Dystopian Lights (previously Neon Android) to control movement and crosshair aim. Initially I had a floating joystick system where you would tap and hold in a certain area but the response to that … Continue reading “Dev Blog #1”

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